About Us

Synbio Guru is an online platform created with modest objectives to support students, teachers, and the growing biological community in India, and world particular, those who are non-scientists, non-engineer learners, and want to know more about theoretical and practical aspects of synthetic biology (SB) or “SynBio”.

Our Objectives

The first objective of synbio guru is to provide information from basics to advances about synthetic biology. Hopefully, we would be able to greatly serve biological communities ranging from biologists to computational engineers. Therefore, this web platform would be able to address the major questions which are faced by synthetic biologists in their daily life, for example, how to rationally redesign living organisms? Moreover, how can the behavior of rationally redesigned living systems be predicted?

The second objective is to offer technical and basic clues that hindered students from entering into a newly emerging field i.e., “SynBio”. Our education resources such as posts, blogs, podcasts, videos, lectures will help new learners who want to know recent advances in the area of biological engineering. Therefore, syn bioguru will prove equally helpful for beginners and experts as well. This online platform feels privileged to help the whole scientific community. It is well known that the 21st century is of “century biology”, and that offers great opportunities for synthetic biologists, the business community, young scientists, and social scientists to come together, and make a sustainable future on earth. Because, humans are facing a lot of problems ranging from pollution, climate changes, pandemic and diseases, and unsustainable agriculture, and energy requirements. Synthetic biology offers sustainable solutions to emerging problems and will help in the development of a bio-based circular economy.

Our Mission

The Synbio Guru aims to provide more credible and reliable basic information in the area of  “SynBio” and help in the expansion of the area.

Our Goals

  • To offer a wide variety of foundational inter-linked and high-quality information related to synthetic biology.
  • To stimulate the investigative, innovative ideas, and constructive learning process of bio-engineering.
  • To promote biological engineering in the educational sphere, and give an overall push to Industrial Biotechnology.
  • To encourage the SynBio community to develop a progressive mindset toward synthetic biology development so it can adapt engineering principles such as abstraction, modularity, standardization, and industrialization to biology, therefore students must learn about the education and training of SynBio. In the near future, students must change from the traditional approaches to the DBTL (Design, Build, Test, and Learn) cycle.
  • To develop an entrepreneurial mindset among students who can materialize their scientific ideas into products in the industries.

After going through the SynBio Guru reader would be able to understand the following points.

  • What is synthetic biology/redesigning of life?
  • SynBio’ is a highly new concept and disruptive technology that requires new types of training and infrastructure, therefore, Synbio Guru provides a preface to new entrants in this field.
  • Basic principles of biochemistry, genetics, engineering are applied to understand synthetic biology or biological engineering.
  • Readers would be able to learn fundamentals of Synthetic Biology, e.g., biological parts, devices, genetic circuits and application of abstraction, exploitation of SynBio tools and techniques.
  • To understand complexities or decoupling of intricate biological systems, and design novel genetic circuits to introduce new functionalities in the biological system that can be exploited to overcome problems of industrial biotechnology, agriculture, green energy, clinical sciences, and environmental issues.
  • Automation of synthetic biology platforms by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the field of synthetic biology.